The local director is Dezső Madarász

Protected home

7439 Bodrog, Kossuth utca. 155.

We bought the ruined Nádasdy mansion in 1985. At present there are six families ministering to children in foster care who are either from state institutions or from troubled homes. The children are raised up in loving homes, in a pleasant environment and in fellowship with one another. Single co-workers also help in this endeavour. The renovation of the mansion took place between 1985 and 1991. Children living in "The Protected Home" have been involved in the production of three music cassettes/CDs for kids.

Kindergarten – primary school – music school

The first established Christian kindergarten of the country has been operating here since 1989, after the fall of communism. Appr. 25 children (from The Protected Home and from the neighbourhood) attend the kindergarten.

"The Beginning Of Wisdom" primary school (1-4 grades, with 16 kids) was opened in September 1994, it has a Christian world view. Two years later the school expanded till the sixth grade. At present we have 58 students who come from Bodrog and from the neighbourhood.

Since 1995 our music school works. We teach 5 different instruments. We have more than 80 students at present.

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