The local director is Gábor Liptai.

Tea club

Isten Háza 1221 Budapest Péter Pál utca 17.

Our purpose is to reach out and to help among the lonely and the troubled young people. The meetings are open and informal. There are several programs after which we serve a cup of tea and bread. During the conversations we talk about personal, financial, and spiritual needs (eg. home, work, clothing, family relationships). We get to know their real problems and needs, so we can seek the solution together through the guidence of God's word.

Central Office

1221 Budapest, Leányka utca 34. III/.21.
We handle the administrative affaires of the foundation in this office.

Men’s shelter

1221 Budapest, Péter Pál utca. 21

Mother’s home

In all three institutions our aim is more than just giving a shelter to the homless. We want to motivate them to get relief from their destructive habits. Help giving is based on the truths of the Bible, discipline hard work, patience, and fellowship. We can only deal with those who want to have a change and start a new life. The concept of our theory and method is to give them a constant example of a contented, biblical lifestyle as seen in the lives of our counsellors in all area of life.

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