How to support

1% tax (in Hungary)

You can forward 1% of your personal tax to Shelter Foundation! We receive your offerings with gratitude. Shelter Foundation turns its incomes on the charity goals, layed down in our constitution.

Our fiscal code: 19004909-2-43

Support from Hungary by transmission:

Bank Account: OTP NYRt, 11722003-20022222

Name and address: Menedék Alapítvány, 1221 Budapest, Leányka utca 34. 

Support via Postal Check:

We can send a check, if you phone this number: (+36)1-789-0048. 

Support from abroad:

IBAN international account:

HU72 1172 2003 2002 2222 0000 0000



Please, when transmitting or sending  a check, indicate the purpose of the money, whether you give for a general or a special cause. 


Material support

Material support (furniture, clothing, food) we receive happily after consoltation by phone: (+36)1-789-0048.


A working hand is welcome any time! Primerily we expect christians to come and find the tasks that need to be solved together with the leader of a particular ministry. More informations about volunteering: (+36)1-789-0048. 

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