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+1 YEAR FOR MENEDÉK supporting program

Dear Supporters!

27 years ago when we started the service of Menedék Fundation out of offerings of voluntary commitment, faith, time, money and energies. In the last decades our service areas have been established in three geographic parts of the country: in Budapest, Kiskunmajsa and Bodrog. Every day we provide shelter in our homes for 165 people and more than 160 children recieve education in our schools and kindergartens.

Over the past decades we dealt with a wide range of people from the margins of society; many of them went through lifechanging experiences and put their trust in God. We are grateful to the Lord for renewed lives, restored relationships, healing from addictions, and for opportunities for indigent people to build a new life. Through the service of Menedék new churches were established where the staff and clients can practice community.

Since the end of the communist era and the change of regime we work in accordance with the social and child protection laws, largely with the help of normative state support, which, however, has not increased (in fact, decreased and not only in real terms), and this led the operation of our service into a critical situation.

We are at a turning point. 15% of our basic operating expenditure is missing, approximately 14 million HUF a year. This missing amount could be obtained by the collaboration of our community members, individuals, businesses and churches if with their support they help us take care of homeless people.

Our experience is that our work is very much needed. There is constant overapplication to our homes, we are unable to help everyone. Massive amount of families and individuals lost and loose their homes due to bank loans. Thus, the work of Menedék should be expending and not restricted. But so far our goal is the survival.

We thank all our former, and future supporters for joining the service of Menedék! The help coming from you is necessary and essential. Please keep praying for us and for the people that stay in our homes.

Zoltán Kovács



For further information contact the Central Office
Address: 1221 Budapest, Leányka utca 34.
Tel: +36-1-789-0048
e-mail: iroda [citrom] menedekalapitvany [dot] hu


"The Lord is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in Him" Nahum 1:7

There is a solution, The Refuge For abandoned children, for lonely teenagers, for people who want to be free from drug and alcohol problems and immoral lifestyle

An opportunity to serve for Christians who long for fellowship and eager to learn and to serve

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