Who are we?

We are born again Christians, disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. We believe that all antisocial behaviour, self-devastational lifestyles, and emational problems are not simply diseases but the consequences of sin

Jesus Christ, the Son of God gives freedom and healing to everyone who wants it and accepts it by faith. He came to us to take away our sins.

Most people suffer from the lack of love. God is love and in Him the solution can be found

The Menedék Alapitvány (The Refuge Foundation) is an interdenominational ministry.

Looking back on the beginnings

The ministry began in 1978, when a few members of Budafok Baptist Church decided to reach out to the homless at Kosztolányi Square to have personal contacts with these needy people.

In September 1984 we opened the Tea Club for lonely and addicted people who long to get healed. Private donations cover the running costs.

In 1985 we had to legally organize the work so we joint Lares Humanservice Allience. Since December 1986 we work as a foundation. Our organization received the independent legal status on January 8th 1988.

We trust God to supply our needs through gifts and donations of individuals, churches, public and private grants. We also receive significant financial support from the government for the operation of the foundation, through benifits based on national social welfare policies.

We offer the following services

In Budapest we operate a Men's Shelter, a Women's Shelter a Mother's Home and a Family Helping Office. In Bodrog there is a community of foster-parents, a kindergarten, a primary school and a music school. In Kiskunmajsa we run "The Shelter Town" (Menedékváros). In Beregsurány we serve among the poor and the needy. The ministry there is in charge of ten nearby villages in the area. We train foster-parents and counsellors.

We give help and offer a way of solution for those who want to have a change in their lives.(We are convinced that each person is responsipble for his own life. One shouldn't blame others for his/her circumstances.) We belive that only a new thinking through faith and a reconciled heart in Christ can bring real change in one's life. Our aim is to achieve that change.

Our main contacts
individuals, Christian churches, personal relationships, supporters, agencies of public welfare and administration, local governments, other Hungarian and foreign foundations

Our co-workers

  • voluntary helpers
  • our staff, whose salaries are partly provided by the financial contribution of our supporters
  • volunteers for a one-year service

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